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What is the difference between a cynic and an idealist?

Answer   A cynic is someone who fails to thrive, who picks apart good ideas and has a tendency to make life boring and miserable for himself and others. They do not see t (MORE)

What is a cynical person?

Someone who is motivated by their own self interest. They can be distrustful of sincerity or integrity.
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What is a sentence using the word cynical?

I told him that my dog could find a fox, but he was too cynical to believe me. Many people become cynical after a life filled with disappointment. The cynical editor refused t (MORE)

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What does cynical mean?

The base meaning of cynic is "like a dog." The term was applied to the followers of Antisthenes, who taught a Zen-like detachment from desire, probably because Kyon (or "dog") (MORE)

What is police cynicism?

On a daily basis, Police see the worst society has to offer. They are surrounded by negativity, death and destruction of human lives and families. This is 8 to 10 hours a day, (MORE)

What is cynicism stoicism epicureanism and skepticism?

Cynics- This term derives from the Greek work "kunos" which means "dog-like." Early Cynics e.g. Diogenes were ANTI-SOCIAL:  1. The world (everything external) is evil s (MORE)

What is political cynicism?

Political cynicism is recognized as an important political  sentiment. Cynicism is an inclination to believe that people are  motivated purely by self-interest, and skeptici (MORE)