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What does cynicism mean?

Answer . A cynic is a person that doesnt believe what other people say and they are always trying to disprove the truth that is front of them. They do it in a sneering, be (MORE)

What is political cynicism?

Political cynicism is recognized as an important politicalsentiment. Cynicism is an inclination to believe that people aremotivated purely by self-interest, and skepticism.

What is social cynicism?

Social cynicism refers to the distrust people have toward professedsocial values. People who have social cynicism do not have highexpectations concerning society.
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What is cynical hostility?

Is best describe as a lack of confidence in, or bitterness with, other people, subjects with this trait may be incapable of expressing adequate anger, and may have poor lifest (MORE)

What is the synonym for cynical?

instead of being cynical of someone, you could be distrustful, suspicious or doubtful of someone. You could also describe someone as having questionable motives, or be concer (MORE)