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What do you have to do to be a singer?

You Must Have Confidence In Your Self And Go To Singing Lessons To Improve Your Singing, Take Part In Plays And Theatre To Show People You Can Sing Very Well, You Dont Need To (MORE)

Did Cynthia Lennon remarry?

Yes, three times in fact. Born Cynthia Powell, she became famous for being the wife of John Lennon, and the mother of his son Julian. Following her divorce from Lennon, Cynthi (MORE)

How to be a singer?

There are 3 rules you have to follow to be a singer. firstly you have to have a good voice, by good i mean clear and loud. Secondly, You have to perform in crowds from 5 and (MORE)
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What Pokemon do Cynthia have?

  Garchomp:level 66   Milotic:level 63   Lucario:level 63   Spiritomb:level 61   Roserade:level 60   Gastrodon:level 60

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