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When Cyrillic alphabet change to Romanian Latin alphabet who did implement it perhaps circumstances reasons and when?

I think the "scoala ardeleana" wanted in 1860 to change the cyrillic to latin because the romanian language is a latin language and it suits it better ----------- The Lati (MORE)

What is the fifth letter of the cyrillic alphabet?

The Cyrillic letter "Д, д" prononced like the English letter Dd, which was derived from the Greek letter Delta "Δ, δ" . The major graphic difference from its Greek equival (MORE)

Why was the cyrillic alphabet developed?

The Cyrillic alphabet was developed in the 10th century so that the newly christened inhabitants of the First Bulgarian Empire could write religious texts in an alphabet much (MORE)

What empire introduce the eastern orthodox church and Cyrillic alphabet to Russia?

The Orthodox in Russia asked that the Orthodox in the Byzantine empire send some missionaries. At this point, there was no written language for the Russian people. The byzanti (MORE)

Where did Cyrillic originate?

  The Cyrillic alphabet originated in the first Bulgarian Empire, during the 10th Century. It was used to translate the Bible and other texts into the Slavic language.
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Which languages use the Cyrillic alphabet?

The Cyrillic alphabet is used for many languages of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, including Russian, Ukrainian, Belorussian (Belarusian), Serbian, Macedonian and (MORE)