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Who was Cyrus the great?

CYRUS The Great (600 BC or 576 BC - December 530 BC), also  known as CYRUS II or CYRUS OF PERSIA, was the founder  of the PERSIAN EMPIRE under the Achaemenid Dynasty.   (MORE)

What did Cyrus Field do?

Cyrus Field led the establishment of the first transatlantic telegraph cable. The first transatlantic message was received in 1858, but the cable stopped working after about 3 (MORE)

Who is trace Cyrus to miely Cyrus?

Trace Is Miley's older half-brother. She and Trace share the same mother, as before Tish and Billy Ray got married, Tish had two kids (Brandi and Trace) who are now Miley's ha (MORE)

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Who is Brandi Cyrus?

Brandi Cyrus is the older half-sister of Trace (Metro Station) and Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana). She was born on May 26, 1987. She plays in an indie rock band called Frank and (MORE)

What was Cyrus rule?

  Answer   Cyrus the Great 590 BC or 576 — August 530 BC), also known as Cyrus II of Persia and Cyrus the Elder, was the founder of the Persian Empire under the Ac (MORE)

Is it Miley Cyrus or Zoey Cyrus?

Miley's birth name was Destiny Hope Cyrus, but she changed her name legally to Miley Ray Cyrus a few years ago. When Miley got the role as Hannah Montana in the TV series, H (MORE)
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Hindi poem thak kar baith gaye kyun manzil door nahi?

Wah timir Jo dikh raha hai, jhilmil door nahin hai Thak kar baith gaye kya bhai,manjil door nahin hai
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