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What is Cysteine Milk Peptide?

Cysteine Milk Peptide i a sour milk extract. Its active ingredientis casein peptide and it is also known as bovine casein hydroslate,C12, or C12 peption. .
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What is cysteine milk?

cysteine is an amino acid which exists inside milk(also found in other places). it is important for its di-sulphide (s-s) bonds which are activated through heating (like paste (MORE)
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WHAT IS AN Amino acid cysteine?

Cysteine Amino Acid . Cysteine Amino Acid is a sulfur containing non-essential amino acid and is closely related to cystine, as cystine consists of two cysteine molecules j (MORE)
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What is L-Cysteine Hydrochloride?

l cysteine as far as I know is an amino acid...found in human hair etc.....used to bond certain chemicals etc but I believe since this amino acid is found in food a few years (MORE)

What does cysteine desulfurase catalyze?

From Wikipedia: In enzymology , a cysteine desulfurase ( EC ) is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction L-cysteine + [enzyme]-cysteine L-alanine (MORE)

What are the food sources of cysteine?

pork or chicken are great, approx 0.4% for vegetarians/vegans rolled oats are around 0.2%. the body can also synthesise it from methionine which is about 2% of the make up (MORE)