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Is a cysteine a skin whitener?

Yes Cysteine can lighten skin complexion over time, as it contains sulfur, and is strong antioxidant removing toxins from the body.
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What is cysteine milk?

cysteine is an amino acid which exists inside milk(also found in other places). it is important for its di-sulphide (s-s) bonds which are activated through heating (like paste (MORE)
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Can cysteine straighten hair?

Yes it absolutely can and it's already being used in Brazil as the main component in the next generation of Brazilian hair straightening treatments. Cysteine straightening is (MORE)

What does cysteine desulfurase catalyze?

From Wikipedia:   In enzymology, a cysteine desulfurase (EC is an enzyme thatcatalyzes the chemical reaction   L-cysteine + [enzyme]-cysteine L-alanine + [enz (MORE)