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What are recombinant cytokines?

Recombinant cytokines, i.e., cytokines produced by expression from suitable cloning vectors containing the desired cytokine gene, can be expressed in yeast(see: Saccharomyces ( Full Answer )
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What are the uses of cytokines?

Cytokines are a category of signaling molecules that, like hormones and neurotransmitters, are used extensively in cellular communication. They are proteins, peptides or glyco ( Full Answer )
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What are cytokines?

The term "cytokine" is derivedfrom a combination of two Greek words - "cyto" meaning cell and"kinos" meaning movement. Cytokines encompasses a wide range oflow-weight molecula ( Full Answer )
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How do cytokines cause inflammation?

they cause vasodilation causing blood to rush to the site of injure and causing edema becausethe increase in interstitial fluids because of increase metabolising of cells tryi ( Full Answer )
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What are cytokines Explain their structure function?

cytokines are a number of small proteins that are secreated by a specific cell of immune system which carry signals and thus have an effect on other cells. cytokines are one t ( Full Answer )
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How is plant cell cytokines different from animal cell cytokines?

Animal Cells: Toward the end of telephase the the plasma membrane pinches off along the equator of the cell. The two new cells are separated. Plant Cells: The cell plate is ( Full Answer )
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How do cytokines help in biotechnology?

Cytokines, also known as immune factors, are protein produced naturally by the cells and organs of the human immune system. They act on other immune system cells modulating th ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of the word cytokine?

A cytokine is a regulatory protein released by a cell in the immune system. Cytokines act as intercellular mediators when the body is generating an immune response.
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Are cytokines a chemical?

Cytokines encompasses a wide range of low-weight molecular proteins(~5-20 kDa).They are released by cells,so produced by organism andnot by chemical reaction.Meretciel offer h ( Full Answer )
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What are cytokins?

Plants hormone that promotes cell division by stimulatingproduction of proteins required for mitosis and cytokinesis.