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What is cytosine?

Answer \n. \n. \nCytosine is a nitrogen bases that is found in the DNA. There is four nitrogen bases and this is one of them.\nThe amount of cytosine in cells always equa ( Full Answer )
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What is the purpose of cytosine?

Pairs with guanine in DNA, helps form the nucleotide sequence in DNA and RNA molecules.
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Cytosine bonds to?

The nitrogenous base, Cytosine, pairs with the nitrogenous base, Guanine. In DNA: . Cytosine - Guanine . Adenine - Thymine In RNA: . Cytosine - Guanine . Adenine ( Full Answer )
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What are cytosine and thymine?

they are nucleic acids and along with guanine and cytosine form the base pairs of DNA
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What is the percent of cytosine?

according to my text (genetics) states the % is 17 in a double-stranded DNA for cytosine.
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What are Guanine and cytosine?

cytosine and thymine are pyrimidine bases, and adenine and quanine are purine bases:)). YOUR WELCOME!!
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What are thymine and cytosine?

Thymine and cytosine are two nitrogen bases found in DNA. DNA is composed of thousands of nucleotides which are composed of one of four nitrogen bases. Both of these nitrogen ( Full Answer )
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What are cytosine and guanine?

They are priyimidine bases in DNA and RNA that bond with each other. The other pair is Adenine and Thymine, which are the purines.
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Is cytosine a protein?

Cytosine is one of the nucleotide bases that comprise DNA and Rna, while protein is [always] composed from amino acids.
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Is cytosine chemotherapy?

Cytosine is a nucleic acid residue. As far as I know it is not used in any kind of chemotherapy; normally antineoplastic drugs attempt to slow down DNA synthesis, not provide ( Full Answer )