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Why Czechoslovakia separate?

Czechoslovakia split into the two countries: The Czech Republic & Slovakia when the Czech and Slav ethnic groups did not get along. It was a peaceful division where no blood w (MORE)

How they celebrate Christmas in Czechoslovakia?

On 24th December we usually decorate the Christmas tree, watching fairy-tales and in the evening we have a dinner, a carp with a potato salad. When we are finished, we "wait f (MORE)

What is Czechoslovakia now?

  Czechoslovakia was established in 1918 as a completely new state on the territory of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1938-39 it was broken up by Nazi Germany, but (MORE)

Why did Czechoslovakia split?

  Czechoslovakia officially split into two countries on 1st of January 1993. There was no war, nor any sort of ethnic conflict preceding the split, the decision largely m (MORE)

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Who lives in Czechoslovakia?

  Answer   No one lives in Czechoslovakia. It no longer exists as such. It was divided into two separate states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1993.
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Who was the first president of Czechoslovakia?

Quoted from Wikipedia: Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk (Czech pronunciation: [ˈtomaːʃ ˈɡarɪk ˈmasarɪk]), sometimes called Thomas Masaryk in English, (7 March 1850 - 14 Sept (MORE)

Is Czechoslovakia a country?

it used to be ,but Czechoslovakia split into two countries 1993 January 1. the Czech republic is one part of Czechoslovakia and Slovakia is the other one it used to be ,but Cz (MORE)

When did russia invade Czechoslovakia?

  1968 - Soviet and Warsaw Pact troops invaded Czechoslovakia to stem a trend towards liberalization. Czechoslovakia was at the time a communist state but under some doctr (MORE)