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Did da vinci have family?

yes, Leonardo DA vinci has a family but his parents are not married together. when Leonardo was young he was living with his mother but when her mother married another man tha (MORE)

What are the opinions of Da Vinci gold?

They are scams. I bought gold and silver jewelry sets from them. When the silver tarnished and rusted after a few months , I returned it just like the "warranty certificate" t (MORE)

What was Leonardo da Vinci famous for?

He is most famous for his paintings such as the Mona Lisa, Last Supper, Annunciation, Lady with an Ermine, The Baptism of Christ, Saint John the Baptist, Adoration of the Magi (MORE)

What were the talents of Leonardo da Vinci?

he was an Italian polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, botanist and writer. Leonardo Da Vinci (MORE)

How did Leonardo da vinci died and when?

Leonardo Da Vinci died on May 2, 1519. The cause of his death is still unknown but most people and scientists believe he died of natural causes.
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Why Leonardo Da Vinci was important?

Da Vinci isn't just important because of his 6 paintings and many other creations but also because of the way he saw the world. He was one of the first to seek out answers, (MORE)

How do you clean da vinci jewelry?

The Da Vinci Jewelry I know of is considered fine jewelry and since fine jewelry needs special care I will explain how to clean fine jewelry which will be good for all types o (MORE)

Was Leonardo da Vinci a plagiarist?

  no, he just had influences from many places, one being the middle east, and his teacher. he was a master mind all together.
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How does Leonardo Da Vinci look?

Leonardo DaVinci was said to be very good looking. This is said by one of DaVinci's contemporaries of his physical appearance after his meeting DaVinci in Pavia: "He was ver (MORE)