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Where can one buy a DAB Radio CD?

One can buy a DAB radio CD from shops/stores such as Argos and Tescos. If these stores don't house the item that you are looking for then using their online site counterparts (MORE)
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What is the dab?

The dab is a victory dance of a football player. You bow your head  on one elbow when the other hand is pointed outward.
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How does angela dab?

sje is an amazing perso sos she dabs with amazing personality. she  is the cam newton of the panthers at dabbing.

A little dab will do ya is the slogon for what company?

  Brylcreem.   Lyrics for the Brylcreem jingle:   : Bryl-creem, a little dab'll do ya,  : Use more, only if you dare,  : But watch out,  : The gals will all pursu (MORE)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a DAB radio?

Advantages of DAB Radio over FM/AM radio's:   1) they automatically tune into all of the available radio stations  and so do not need retuning   2) they can display e (MORE)
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What does DAB radio mean?

DAB in the context of radio means "Digital Audio Broadcasting". It is a digital radio broadcasting technology used particularly in Europe.
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Where does the phrase 'smack dab' come from?

  In essence, the phrase means "slapped precisely in the center." According to the Oxford English Dictionary, smack-dab showed up in print in 1892: "He hit him smack dab i (MORE)