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Where can one buy a DAB Radio CD?

One can buy a DAB radio CD from shops/stores such as Argos and Tescos. If these stores don't house the item that you are looking for then using their online site counterparts (MORE)
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Why do you get sweaty hands?

Its because the palm along with the soles and scalp have a very high amount of sweat glands. Sweat glands may be activated by hormones such as adrenalin which is released when (MORE)

What hand is lebron?

LeBron James is ambidextrous, which means he can use both hands. When it comes to basketball, he can dribble and do lay-ups with either hand. However, he primarily shoots (MORE)

What is hand sorting?

It's a type of recycling, where you "hand-sort" plastic, paper, and glass into three different boxes. To sort by hand is not necessarily restricted to only recycling. You can (MORE)

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Is the Big Hand the Hour Hand?

On a clock, the longer hand is the minute hand and the shorter hand  is the hour hand. Also, the especially thin one that moves the  fastest is the second hand.
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Is the little hand on a clock the hour hand or minute hand?

The LITTLE hand is the minute hand. Little does not mean short, it means thin. The longer hand is the LITTLE hand. The BIG hand is the hour hand. Big does not mean long, it me (MORE)

Hands of the maker?

  Hands Of The Maker   by Robert P Cox Published in December 31, 2003, Enki Publications, LLC Controversial Knowledge Spirituality - General Religion New Age / (MORE)

In the other hand or on the other hand?

The correct use of this expression is "on the other hand." This  expression is used to demonstrate an opposing or alternative  perspective than the one just presented. For e (MORE)