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Can you take a daily pill every other day Prozac?

You never take a pill in a way other than what the doctor prescribes. Check with your physician before changing any medication routine.
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What are dailies?

Rough cuts of film that was shot the day before. The director views them to see if anything might need to be reshot.
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What are the chances if you take your pill the afternoon after its missed but still continuing with your daily pill?

If Ur talking about birth control, then yes it is okay if u skip a day,not recomened but it doesn't do anything just make sure u take the right pill for that day don't taake t ( Full Answer )
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How do you take the secratatropin HGH pills daily?

I take them nightly about an hour before bed. You must not eat anything 2 hours prior. And you take 5 capsules with 16 oz water, this is why I take an hour before bed so I can ( Full Answer )
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Should iron pills be taken daily?

Usually if someone is prescribed a course of iron tablets, they are a low-dose pill which is designed to be taken on a daily basis, over a substantial period of time. The alte ( Full Answer )