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Is dajjal in the Bermuda triangle?

This research is quite pending, but for now we can say that he  is there. According to Scientific point of view we've got the best  example of Flight 19. In recordings they (MORE)

Has Dajjal arrived yet?

This question is quite a complex one. It's answered can be varied from scholar to scholar. But the most authentic statements are in conformation with the facts that Dajjal is (MORE)

Is dynamo a jinn or has he got a jinn that helps him or is he the one eyed kafir Dajjal that comes on the day of judgment in Islam?

Dynamo has nothing to do with dajjal. he uses a jinn to help him do his magic. it is said that his grandfather introduced him to this jinn to help him. the jinn is inside his (MORE)
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What is dajjal in Islam?

The Dajjal is the Islamic Anti-Christ. It performs most of the same  functions as the Christian Anti-Christ, namely that he will lead  Unbelievers in a final struggle agains (MORE)
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Where is dajjal right now?

No One Knows,He Will Come 40 Days Before The Day Of Quiyaama't And He Will Cause Fitnah Also Known As Destruction