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Who is the dajjal?

He is a false Messiah who will say he is God. He is a one eyed dis  believer, infidel. Who is no God, as their is only one God, Allah.   Al-Masih ad-Dajjal (Arabic: ال (MORE)
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Who is actually is dajjal?

Dajjal is a false massiah who will come from the east, saying he is God. He will have One eye which will look like a goulging grape. His followers will be mainy Jews and those (MORE)
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What is the basic purpose of 'the arrival of DAJJAL'?

to put it simply. lucifer can hold a grudge. but time is a little different for god and angels. When god chose us over his most beautiful favored angel Lucifer--Lucifer threw (MORE)

Where will dajjal apper?

there are some of ideas that dajjal will appear in India .and then he will go over israiel where they will punish by the Hazrat essa alle salam near lode airport
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What is dajjal in Islam?

The Dajjal is the Islamic Anti-Christ. It performs most of the same  functions as the Christian Anti-Christ, namely that he will lead  Unbelievers in a final struggle agains (MORE)

Is it true that there is dajjal?

For those who do NOT believe, no proof can ever be enough. For those who DO believe, no proof is necessary.
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Is the Dajjal already here?

Nobody in this world has outwardly claimed to be the Anti-Christ or Dajjal, but most religions hold that this person is secretive about their intentions and would never declar (MORE)
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In what city is the Dajjal located?

According to the prophesy for the Day of Judgement, the Dajjal will appear between Iraq and Syria, with most believing the city will be Istanbul, Turkey.
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