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Who is Dakota Chapman?

Dakota Chapman (March 24, 1995) is the son of Leland Chapman, grandson of Duane 'Dog' Chapman'.
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Lyrics for just Jesus by candi staton?

When I'm feeling lonely and my days are as night I just call on his name and everything's alright Through all of my struggles this one thing stands true That when I say (MORE)

Why was North Dakota named North Dakota?

Before statehood, North Dakota was part of the Dakota Territory.  The Dakota Territory was named for the Dakota settlements in the  area. At the time of statehood, what was (MORE)

Why are North Dakota and South Dakota called the Dakotas?

Dakota is a branch of the Sioux Indian Nation which is generally divided into three branches by dialect, the Santee, the Yankton and the Lakota. The Dakota Territory was known (MORE)
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Why was the Dakota Territory divided into North Dakota and South Dakota?

It was a suitable way to divide up the Territory into appropriate state sized parcels. The Dakota Territory would have been too large to effectively govern considering the n (MORE)

Why did North Dakota and South Dakota split?

Alexander McKenzie, the Northern Pacific's political agent in northern Dakota, demonstrated the power of outside corporate interests when he conspired with Nehemiah Ordway, th (MORE)

Why do South Dakota and North Dakota have Dakota in their names?

The Dakota Territory was named for the the Dakota Indian Tribe which lived in the region. Dakota was kept as part of the name when North Dakota and South Dakota became states. (MORE)
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Where is North Dakota?

North Dakota is located in the Great Plains region of the US. North  Dakota is located on the border of the Canadian provinces of  Saskatchewan and Manitoba. North Dakota is (MORE)