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What is the best hotel in Dalian China?

Without a doubt the Best Hotel in Dalian is the Nikko Hotel dalian. The very good service, five star amenities and great value for money make it the favorite choice. Other hot (MORE)

Where to study Chinese in dalian?

Aushi is a very good institution to study Chinese in dalian. AuShi is the largest language training solutions provider in Dalian. We specialize in language training, culture t (MORE)

What is the weather like in Dalian?

The dalian weather is very similar to new york city. it is hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and very nice in the fall and spring. Dalian is drier and sunnier than new yo (MORE)

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Why did the police taze Dalian Atkinson?

A neighbor called the police to Dalian's father's home due to a  domestic dispute. The neighbors reported that he kicked in the door  to his father's home, and there was scr (MORE)