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Who was Secretariat's dam?

Secretariat's dam was Somethingroyal (1952-1983). She became the oldest broodmare to foal a Triple Crown winner at the age of 18 when she gave birth to her most famous offspri (MORE)

What are the dams in the Philippines?

There are approximately 20 dams that are located in the  Philippines. A few of the dams are named Pulangi IV dam, Ambuklao  dam, and Calumpang dam.
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What is adit in dam?

An adit is a horizontal tunnel used in mining. They're not directly related to dams but in the construction of Hoover Dam a number of adits were used to facilitate the constru (MORE)

What do dams provide?

Dams are put in place to hold back water. This is generally used to create a water reservoir, but can also sometimes be used as a form of flood control. Hydroelectric dams, li (MORE)
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What is a dental dam?

It is a device placed in the mouth to isolate a tooth during a procedure so not to get any saliva or water on the tooth. :) Dental dam is a rubber membrane which prevents ba (MORE)
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Where is the Hoover Dam?

Hoover Dam is in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on theborder between Arizona and Nevada in the USA. At the bottom or southern end of Lake Mead at theNevada-Arizona (MORE)

How are dams helpful?

Dams are what keep our cities from deadly floods. Dams keep the water from rain, lakes, rivers, etc. from getting to the city/town. They keep all the water behind itself so it (MORE)
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What are facts about dams?

Hoover Dam Create's 2000 Mega watts a year. that equivillent to 8,000,000 computers!
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What is tikkun dam?

I believe you are referring to "tikkun olam" (תיקון עולם) which  means "repairing the world". It is a central point in Reform  Judaism.    Tikkun dam (תיק (MORE)

What are the dams of Pakistan?

List of reservoirs and dams in Pakistan • Diamer-Bhasha Dam • Gomal Zam Dam Project • Hub Dam • Kalabagh Dam • Karoonjhar Dam • Mangla Dam †(MORE)