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What is a Damascus barrel?

\nA barrel which is fashioned by hammering 2 strips of metal together around a mandrel. They were expensive when they were in vogue 125 years ago but they are weak and unwante (MORE)

What is a Damascus shotgun?

Answer . Damascus is a method of making laminated barrels. A series of wires is braided and hammer-welded to create a distinctive pattern of loops and swirls. Well-made Da (MORE)

What is a damascus gun?

Don't take this as gospel on this subject, but this is my understanding. Damascus is a name of steel, made originally in (unexpectedly) a city named Damascus. Damascus stee (MORE)

How old is Damascus?

Damascus is the capital city of Syria. History of Damascus datesback to 965 BC when Ezron the King of Aram-Zobah conqueredDamascus. However, carbon dating has place the oldest (MORE)

What is a damascus blade?

A Damascus blade is actually a historical creation from about 2000 years ago. The city, Damascus, was the birthplace of this type of steel. It is particularly known for the wa (MORE)

Is there brass damascus?

I might be way off here but I guess you are talking about in relation to Damascus Steel? This is a form of steel made in Persia and north India and traded westwards. It was mo (MORE)
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Is Damascus in Rome?

No, Damascus is in Syria. It is the oldest, continuously occupied city in the world. It is the present day capital of Syria.

What did Paul do in Damascus?

That would depend on the direction. Saul was traveling to Damascus to further his persecutions of Christians, when he encountered a meeting with the risen Jesus Christ who a (MORE)
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What sports are there in damascus?

You can visit the Damascus sports association for details. The games that i know about are: Lacrosse Basketball Baseball Wrestling Golf Football