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Where was torpedo alley?

Torpedo Alley was the 100 mile stretch of water along the Outer Banks. The Outer Banks are along the east coast of the U.S. and comprise a chain of islands off North Carolina (MORE)
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What is a damned saint?

A saint that turned against God. Example: The devil. His name was Lucifer, and believe it or not, he was one of God's greatest angel followers. He became jealous of God and (MORE)

How does torpedoes work?

Generally speaking while the torpedo's explosive package does do damage, most are designed to explode very close to the target boat and create a "void" in he water causing the (MORE)

What damage can torpedoes do?

Historically, torpedoes were impact weapons - they detonated when coming into contact with a ship's hull. As most torpedoes carried a fairly large explosive warhead (at least (MORE)

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When were torpedoes invented?

What we recognize today as a "torpedo" - a self-propelled, self-contained underwater weapon with an explosive warhead - had its first practical design made by Robert Whitehead (MORE)

Who invented the torpedo?

Much like the invention of the helicopter, the earliest torpedoes are thought to have existed as concepts many centuries before being developed as working devices. The earlie (MORE)

What is the fastest torpedo?

According to my copy, "2112 Guinness World Records", the Russian  VA-111 Shkval is the world's fastest torpedo with a top speed of  230 mph and a range of 4.2 miles. Of the (MORE)