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Where is Dan McGwire now?

According to Linkdin, he works for Vita H2O a vitamin enhanced drink company. He lives in Reno, NV.
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Who is Dan Dare?

  Dan Dare is a classic British science fiction hero. Entitled "Pilot of the Future" he appeared in a comic called The Eagle every week from the 'fifties. His perpetual (MORE)

Who was Dan Quayle Vice President to?

  George Herbert Walker Bush was president when J. Danforth Quayle was Vice President of these United States.
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What is a code for dino dan?

These are the codes words that I know: roar bones fossil tail teeth scales dig hunter decoy claw dinosaur herd
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How long was dan fogelberg ill?

It was discovered that he was ill in the Spring of 2004. The cancer was widespread at that time, having already moved into his bones. He died in December 2007.
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What dans mean?

in french it means "in"     Although, it cannot be used in certain contexts.
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Who are dan and frank carney's family?

The best family ever. They now mostley reside in California or  Idaho. The best one of his grandsons is William Carney. He is the  best ever. Forever. (MORE)

Who is Dan schneider?

He started out as an actor but has begun creating and writing TV shows such as All That!, Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, Victorious and iCarly.
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