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Who were the Normans descended from?

They were originally Vikings. In AD 911 the Frankish King Charles gave land to a band of Vikings led by Rollo in France. This was to try and reduce raids on northern France. T (MORE)

How did the Normans fall?

They didn't really, the current Queen is descended from them. They just dropped their links with Normandy and took new family names.   The Queen does not descend from the N (MORE)

Where are normans from?

The Normans were from Normandy, a region in Northern France. They were descended from Vikings, and are very important in European history.
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When did the Normans end?

The Norman conquerors of England gradually became Anglicised and developed an identity seperate from their French roots. They never set out to make England subject to France, (MORE)

How Normans live?

Absolute Monarchy: These monarchies ar ruled by a ruling person or family (dynasty) that has absolute control over their realm. In many cases they choose to allow advisors to (MORE)

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What did the normans eat?

The Normans mostly ate a lot of porridge and dairy. They also ate  greens, meat, honey, and heavy breads like rye.
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Where did the Normans live?

  They orrigianly came from scandavia in northen france   The Normans lived in Normandy Northern France but where originally from Scandinavia
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Who is Greg Norman?

Gregory John Norman AO is an Australian professional golfer and  entrepreneur who has won more than 85 international tournaments.  His aggressive style is legendary.
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