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What is Penn Foster?

Penn-Foster is an accredited online educational institution, providing High School and College education courses for Independent Study. Please note that WikiAnswers is not aff (MORE)
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Who is Dan Dare?

  Dan Dare is a classic British science fiction hero. Entitled "Pilot of the Future" he appeared in a comic called The Eagle every week from the 'fifties. His perpetual (MORE)

What ethnicity is Penn Jillette of the duo Penn and Teller?

Penn Fraser Jillette of the magician's duo Penn and Teller is 25% black. He can trace his lineage back to Nova Scotia, Canada and Newfoundland, Canada. One of his parents is b (MORE)

What dans mean?

in french it means "in"     Although, it cannot be used in certain contexts.
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Who is Dan schneider?

He started out as an actor but has begun creating and writing TV shows such as All That!, Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, Victorious and iCarly.
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Why does US Career Institute offer Medical Transcription training in 4 months when Penn School says it takes 1 year to complete?

The Penn Foster program is a comprehensive collection of courses that assures a student will have all of the prerequisite skills to be successful as a transcriptionist. Penn F (MORE)