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How is music related to dance?

Music feeds dance. It tells our bodies what to do. The lyrics or mood of the song can tell us what emotion to portray or feel. The beat surges rhythm through our bodies. And v (MORE)

What music do they dance to in pantsula dance?

Pantsula dance was originally danced to live street music. As radio  became more prevalent, it was danced to American and pop-style  world music. After the 1990s, the main m (MORE)

How does music affect dance?

Not only does music affect your dance moves, It affects your brain as well. Songs with aggressive musical lyrics increase aggression related to thoughts and emotions, and this (MORE)

What are the musical features in dance music?

Most popular dance music relies heavily on synthetic sounds, created by a variety of synthesizers and various patches. Most will use a synthetic drum machine, along with some (MORE)
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Where do Dance studios get there awesome music?

When refering to the music, I am guessing you are refering to hip hop, or dance music, not classical music. If this is right than, generally the teacher is the one who collect (MORE)

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