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What are the criteria for judging for a pop dance contest?

1. This competition is open to all.  2. Each group is allowed a maximum of 10 members.  3. The group can dance any POP song/remix of their choice.  4. Each group is given a (MORE)

What is dance?

Dance is telling a story with movements. I am a professional dancer  and just like me you need to be strong, fast and focused. For more  look up essex dance academy to get m (MORE)

How do you dance?

Answer: Well, it depends on what style of dance you're wanting to learn. In ballet you have to have posture, hip-hop is about being very "hard", and jazz is expressive. But if (MORE)

What is pop jazz dance?

Pop jazz dance uses many different types of dance styles all  together. This type of dance is often used by pop singers, such as  BeyoncŽ, in their dance routines when th (MORE)

How do you dance the can-can?

  :) The ever so popular, can-can. Well if I am not mistaken, you are usually in a straight line holding the shoulder's of the people on either side of you. You lift you l (MORE)

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