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Why is it in the theater?

or the Vietnam War, it could have two meanings; a casualty in Southeast Asia which would mean the surrounding waters & Laos, Cambodia, North, South Vietnam. Or just in North/S (MORE)

What is dance?

Dance is telling a story with movements. I am a professional dancer  and just like me you need to be strong, fast and focused. For more  look up essex dance academy to get m (MORE)

How do you dance?

Answer: Well, it depends on what style of dance you're wanting to learn. In ballet you have to have posture, hip-hop is about being very "hard", and jazz is expressive. But if (MORE)

Is there a female patron saint for the theater or dance?

  Yes. Actresses have their own patron saint, Saint Pelagia the Penitent. She was a professional dancer. One day she heard a sermon in which a priest described a dancer (MORE)

What kind of theater is the Broadway Theater?

Some of it is music theater and some of it is dramatic theater but  it is best known for it's musical theater    Broadway is a commercial theater. The price of admissi (MORE)

How do you dance the can-can?

  :) The ever so popular, can-can. Well if I am not mistaken, you are usually in a straight line holding the shoulder's of the people on either side of you. You lift you l (MORE)

What is the difference between dance and theater?

The difference between dance and theater is the fact that dancers  usually do not speak any lines and in theater, lines have to be  spoken to let the audience know what is g (MORE)

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