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What are the fundamental dances of the classical suite music?

  The Musical Suite, a sequence of dances developed in the early 17th century, originally consisted of the elements Allemande – Courante – Sarabande – Gigue. In late (MORE)
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How long is The Nutcracker Suite Ballet?

P.I. Tchaikovsky's score for "The Nutcracker" runs about 88 minutes. Conductors can affect this by speeding up or slowing down passages. Groups performing this ballet sometime (MORE)

What would a suite of dances for a male and female be referred to within a ballet from the Classical period?

The pas de deux is a suite of dances for the lead male and female roles in a Classical ballet. It begins with a slow duet for both dancers, typically featuring a lot of lifts. (MORE)
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What are the songs in The Nutcracker Suite ballet?

 Miniature Overture  March  Scene and Waltz of the Snowflakes  Spanish Dance  Arabian Dance  Chinese Dance  Russian Dance  Dance of the Reed Pipes  Waltz of the Flow (MORE)

What are the Dance in the Baroque Suite?

  The suite is a type of instrumental dance music that emerged during the Renaissance and was further developed during the Baroque Period. It consists of several movements (MORE)

What is the suite?

A suite is a collection of pieces published together and often intended by the composer to be performed as one work during recitals or concerts. The pieces are usually united (MORE)