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Is there going to be a Star Wars TV Series?

There are currently 5 Star Wars TV series. Star Wars: Droids---- A 1980's morning cartoon about the adventures of C-3PO and R2-D2. Star Wars: Ewoks---- Another 80's cartoon. (MORE)

How many years has dancing with the stars been on TV?

Dancing With the Stars has been on syndication since 2005. It's  first episode was aired on ABC on June 5th. The show has had 19  seasons so far with a season airing on both (MORE)
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Will there be a vampire academy tv series?

I don't know about a T.V series, but the first Vampire Academy movie is set to come out next year (2014). The title is Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. If they are making a mov (MORE)

What tv series has lasted the longest?

NBC's "Meet the Press" is the longest running show, 61 years (as of 2009). The Today show on NBC has aired the most number of episodes, but has not been on as long as Meet th (MORE)