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Why hollow shaft is used for propeller shaft?

Because the load taking capacity of hollow shaft is more as the load per unit area is lesser due to the lesser cross sectional area.
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What is a spigot shaft?

A spigot shaft is also known as a primary shaft or an input shaft in an automotive gearbox. It protrudes from the gearbox into the bell housing and connects the clutch plate t (MORE)

What is an intermediate shaft?

An intermediate shaft is a part of a car. It connects the end of  the steering column to the rack and pinion gear box and is used to  eliminate torque sheer.
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What is an arrow shaft?

An arrow shaft the the name given to the "stick" part of the arrow. A point or arrowhead is attached to one end of the shaft, and feathers to the other. Shafts can be made o (MORE)

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Three differences between a drive shaft and a prop shaft?

1) Drive-shafts are used on FWD but Prop-Shafts are used on RWD or 4WD. 2)A Drive-Shaft has final drive via a CV joint but a Prop-Shaft has final drive via a Differential. 3)A (MORE)
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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How tall is Evan Dando?

Evan Dando is an American musician and lead singer of a band called  The Lemonheads. Evan stands 1.92 m tall.
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Why is a hollow shaft stronger than a solid shaft?

For a given outer diameter, the solid shaft is stronger, but it weighs more. For a given weight, the hollow shaft is stronger because it has a bigger diameter. due to less wei (MORE)
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Why do you have hair on your shaft?

For the same reason you have any other physical trait. Hair color, height, ear shape, nose anything, it's just the way you are put together.
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