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Who is Dandie Dinmont?

Answer . Dandie Dinmont is a jovial farmer in Sir Walter Scott's Novel Guy Mannering. A short legged dog of the terrier breed was developed in the 17th century to hunt ott (MORE)
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What is a dandy horse?

The dandy-horse was a two-wheeled vehicle, with both wheels in-line, propelled by the rider pushing along the ground with the feet as in regular walking or running. The front (MORE)
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What is a dandy character?

Dandy means well dressed, a bit conceited. if you mean as in the magazine, . desperate Dan . Ollie fliptrick . Cuddles and Dimples
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What rhymes with dandy?

Rhymes with Dandy: . Andy . Bandy . Brandy . Candy . Dandy . Handy . Kandy . Mandy . Randy . Sandy . Tandy
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What is the dandy comics about?

the first part of the comic magazine is About Harry Hill and whats inside the Dandy first there is always a funny Harry Hill Comic to read every week second theres normally Cr (MORE)
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How did a dandy brush get its name?

Have you heard of the phrase "this is handy, dandy"? Well, you can almost use the dandy brush for any grooming on the horse.
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What is the meaning of dandy?

The original "dandy" was a fashionable man-about-town in 18C England, dressed in the very latest fashions, being seen in all the right places, etc. It became used with "fine a (MORE)
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What does it mean to be a dandy?

For a person to be "dandy" means for a person to be "just fine". It can also mean "good", or it can be describing someone as a retard or an unintelligent person.