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What is the dandy brush used for?

  A dandy brush, also called a hard brush is used after the curry comb. A curry comb is to be used in circular motions. it gets dirt out of the horses coat. After the curr (MORE)

Who starred in Yankee Doodle Dandy?

Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) is one of Hollywood's greatest, grandest and slickest musicals.   The nostalgic, shamelessly-patriotic, entertaining film supported the war effor (MORE)

What happened to Jim Dandy Dog Food?

In 1987 the Federal Trade Commission said it had approved the $25 million acquisition of the Jim Dandy Company, an Atlanta-based dog food maker, by Grand Met USA Inc., a subsi (MORE)
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What was the purpose to start Dandi march?

During the colonial rule in India, the British government imposed heavy taxes on everything including the cheapest and most important item of Indian salt. It was illegal to ma (MORE)

What is a dandy horse?

The dandy-horse was a two-wheeled vehicle, with both wheels in-line, propelled by the rider pushing along the ground with the feet as in regular walking or running. The front (MORE)

Why was dandi march held and who headed the march?

The British used to impose salt tax in British-India, which was a ludicrous concept because Indians were expected to pay heavy taxes on a most essential item that was produced (MORE)