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How is the world going to end according to Islam al-Quran?

The signs of the final hour can be divided into two groups. 1) Minor signs Minor signs are events of normal nature prophesised by our Prophet Muhammed to take place before (MORE)
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Is Jihad Al-Nikah an Islamic rule?

Jihad Al-Nikah is th eone that fights for Ialamic rules. She is the  one that has sexual roles for Jihad.   ______________________________________________________________ (MORE)

Cual planeta tarda mas en dar la vuelta al sol?

Neptuno. Era Plutón previamente, pero cuando Plutón dejó de ser planeta, Neptuno llegó a ser el planeta que tarda más en dar la vuelta al sol.
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What is the meaning of huzur in Islam or in AL-QURAN?

literally it means presence it means when human is doing worship or dua or talking God do not let anything other enter his mind. i.e your mind and your heart and your soul s (MORE)

Is al hidayah Islamic school a good school?

Assalamualaikum heres what I would say , At first it was a good school and then the principle got fired and they put in this awful principle. it was the worst school ever i an (MORE)

How did hazrat umar ibn al-khattab aecept Islam?

Umar ibn al-khattab went to his sisters house becaus he found out she turned to islam and went to punish her. On his way, he heard someone from inside the house reading the qu (MORE)