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What does daria mean?

The name Daria is the female variant of the masculine name Darius,which is an ancient name of Persian origin. Daria means the sea andmaintains possessions well. Daria is a sai (MORE)
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When was St. Daria born?

We do not know her date of birth but it occurred about the middle of the 3rd century.
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What is the episode where Trent and daria get together?

They never get together in the show. I guess the closest episode to them is the Pierce Me episode where she accompanies him to get a birthday present for Jane and then he pers (MORE)

What rhymes with Daria?

milaria 3 syllables aria daria faria zaria 4 syllables demaria dimaria hilaria rosaria zaccaria milaria 5 syllables candelaria echevarria

How do you stop cat daria?

If the question is "how do you stop cat diarrhea?" then the simplest and quickest answer is: take her to the vet. Most often, particularly if it has persisted for more than a (MORE)

Who is daria wilk?

Daria Wilk is a polish girl born in 1998 she has blonde wavy hair,eyes the colour of a swampy consistency and is currently 'taken'she calls everybody peasants so watch out peo (MORE)