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What is meant by filament fibres and staple fibres?

A filament fibre is continuous therefore it can be any length that is needed. A staple fibre is usually short and you cannot change the length of a staple fibre. Staple fibres (MORE)

How do you spell fibre?

The US spelling is fiber for most uses. The variant fibre (originally French) is used in the UK and elsewhere, and for some specific uses in the US.
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What is fibre optics?

Fibre optic cables are single strands of glass fibre, the glass carefully chosen to have a very small loss of intensity. The diameter of the fibre is still greater than the wa (MORE)
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Whether the viscose fibre is synthetic fibre or natural fibre?

Most people assume that there are two kinds of fibres: natural ones, like cotton, wool and silk; and artificial ones synthesised out of petrochemicals like nylon and polyeste (MORE)

What are blended fibres?

Blended fibres is mixing 2 or more fibres to achieve the best fibres in the yarn.
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What does fibre do to your body?

Fiber helps waste or food get out of your body. Otherwise all the food you ate would stay in your body. If you go to shoppers, they have pulp orange juice, that also has fiber (MORE)

Is denim a natural fibre or synthetic fibre?

  Denim itself is not a fibre... Denim is a fabric which is mostly commonly made out of cotton fibres (which are natural). However today much more denim is being made fr (MORE)
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

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Can you provide a list of synthetic fibres?

Nylon   Rayon   Acrilic   Carbon   Glass   Acitate   Aramid   Spandex   Elastomeric   Fluropolymer   Polyolefin   Polyester   P (MORE)
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Why do we blend the the fibre?

The question has already been answered earlier by The WikiAnswers  Community. The main reason is to provide the customer with a  variety of options in terms of strength, col (MORE)