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What are the words to Quentin's theme from Dark Shadows?

Shadows of the night   Falling silently.   Echo of the past   Calling you to me.   Haunting memory   Veiled in misty glow.   Phantom melody   Playing soft (MORE)
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Why can't you see a shadow in the dark?

You can't see your shadow in the dark because there is no shadow in  the dark. Shadows are caused when something is blocking the light.  And if there is no light that can be (MORE)

Where was Dark Shadows filmed?

The original Dark Shadows TV show was filmed in four locations. Although the storyline was based in Collinsport, Maine, it was filmed elsewhere. Essex, ConnecticutNewport, Rh (MORE)

The god of darkness and shadow Greek mythology?

Erebus is the primeval god of darkness, consort of Nyx (Night). Nyx, goddess of the night. Orphnê, mother of Ascalaphus by Acheron is a goddess nymph of darkness/night.
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How many seasons of Dark Shadows are there?

The original Dark Shadows was not split into seasons. However, there were 1,225 episodes. It was in black and white from 1966 to 1967. It was colorized in 1967, and it then ra (MORE)

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