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Where is the River Darling?

The Darling River is located on the continent of Australia. it is amajor river in western New South Wales. A tributary of the MurrayRiver, it has its source near the north wes (MORE)
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Who was Candy Darling?

Candy Darling was a Warhol Superstar, a transgendered person, who died of Lukemia. The cancer was a result of her quest to continue on her path of changing her sex to be what (MORE)

Who is HJ Darling?

HJ Darling is Harper from the future in the show. But the character/name is based on JK Rowling. The author of harry potter.

Why was Darling river named darling river?

In 1828 the explorer Charles Sturt and Hamilton Hume were sent by the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Ralph Darling , to investigate the course of the Macquarie River . (MORE)