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Babe Ruth bat darling?

  Babe Ruth's bat was called "Darling". I previously watched a movie which was focused around the adventure of his bat from one game to the next when it was stolen. It was (MORE)

Do you say darling for a man?

A man and woman who are married or dating might call each other darling, although the word is not used as much today as in past generations. Men would seldom call one another (MORE)

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How do you say darling in french?

i don't know the exact word but somtimes in France to give some one you care about a name like that you call them your little cabbage or your little cabbage cabbage. Mon chu (MORE)

How did the Murray Darling river get its name?

There is no such river as the Murray Darling River. The two rivers are quite separate and distinct, with the Darling a tributary of the Murray. The Darling River was named b (MORE)

Can you use darling for male or husband?

Yes, you can most definitely use the call "darling" for a male or for your husband. It is a more reserved and somewhat antiqued call for a male/your husband in this present (MORE)