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How close are tippecanoe darters from extiction?

They seem to be secure in many places that they belong, but they are very hard to sample without specialized techniques targeting them because they like to stay deep under roc ( Full Answer )
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What do darters eat?

A darter when use to a tank and the other fish will eat bloodworms (can be bought at Petsmart) and sometime flake food. If u have multiple fish blood worms is the best. if you ( Full Answer )
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What is a red-veined darter?

A red veined darter is a species of dragonfly with a southerly distribution in Europe but strong vagrant tendencies. It is currently designated as Sympetrum Fonscolombii but t ( Full Answer )
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How do yellow winged darter reproduce?

The Flame-winged Darter (Yellow-winged Darter), Sympetrum flaveolum , is a dragonfly found in Europe and mid and Northern China. Breeding is confined to stagnant water, usual ( Full Answer )
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What is the habitat of the Maryland darter fish?

The Maryland Darter is a possibly extinct species that used to be found in just one small riffle in Deer Creek, where they were found in a small group. That was back in the 80 ( Full Answer )
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What state does boulder darters live in?

They live somewhere in the united states, if that is not what your looking for then try a animal or fish encyclopedia, if you don't have one try the library or a book store. H ( Full Answer )
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Why is the leopard darter endangered?

' A proposed reservoir may put the survival of the amber darter at risk by altering water and habitat quality in the amber darter's downstream habitat. Because of the amber d ( Full Answer )
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What does a darter bird look like?

It's wings and tail are brown and black in colour but it's body is brownish black .It's neck is brown and it's face is white with a yellow beak.