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What do darters eat?

A darter when use to a tank and the other fish will eat bloodworms (can be bought at Petsmart) and sometime flake food. If u have multiple fish blood worms is the best. if you (MORE)
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What is a red-veined darter?

A red veined darter is a species of dragonfly with a southerly distribution in Europe but strong vagrant tendencies. It is currently designated as Sympetrum Fonscolombii but t (MORE)
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How do yellow winged darter reproduce?

The Flame-winged Darter (Yellow-winged Darter), Sympetrum flaveolum , is a dragonfly found in Europe and mid and Northern China. Breeding is confined to stagnant water, usual (MORE)

What is the habitat of the Maryland darter fish?

The Maryland Darter is a possibly extinct species that used to be found in just one small riffle in Deer Creek, where they were found in a small group. That was back in the 80 (MORE)

Why is the leopard darter endangered?

' A proposed reservoir may put the survival of the amber darter at risk by altering water and habitat quality in the amber darter's downstream habitat. Because of the amber d (MORE)
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What does a darter bird look like?

It's wings and tail are brown and black in colour but it's body is brownish black .It's neck is brown and it's face is white with a yellow beak.