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How do you grip a dart?

1.Get your tip up. Always make sure the tip of your dart is facing up. Your grip shouldn't cause your darts to face downward as this makes it very difficult to accurately thro (MORE)

In darts what is a double out?

Double out is how a game of 501 darts is always finished. The double ring is the outer ring of a dart board, say you have 32 left, you need double 16 to win. The bullseye is a (MORE)

What is dart juice?

Dart Juice is a legendary Juice made by Dan Brackens, who was a 1991 Worthington Dart champion. It it said to improve accuracy greatly, and is shown very accurately in it's ad (MORE)

What is dart manipulation?

Dart manipulation is when you move your original darts to a desired area, there are two method to dart manipulation. These are slashing method and the spread method.

What are darts in clothing?

  They wear shirts which are specifically designed as darts shirts, there is a lot of advertising on them.
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How can you improve your darts?

Practice, practice and more practice. You need to work on grouping the darts, then aiming them and grouping them at the same time. And work on your check outs, 180s for show, (MORE)
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How do you win in darts?

The point of darts is to hit the middle, the bullseye. The more of those you get, the more points you get!! In one darts game, Cricket, you have to get hit the following numbe (MORE)
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How do you play darts?

1.Darts is the game to be played with patience and with  concentration.    2.Player has to keep a distance of at least 96 inches from  dartboard.    3. Hold th (MORE)
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Is darted an adverb?

No,it is a verb form. It is the past tense and past participle of  the verb (to dart).
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