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The advantages and disadvantages of data flow diagrams?

Advantages of data flow diagram: · A simple graphical technique which is easy to understand. · It helps in defining the boundaries of the system. · It is useful for comm (MORE)

Data flow diagram for railway reservation?

I am providing the Data Flow Diagram of airlines reservation system. Still it's a level0 diagram but I am sure that it will help you to draw the complete DFD.    TRAVEL (MORE)

Showing dependencies with a data flow diagram?

If you are asking can you show dependencies in a data flow diagram; the answer would be yes. Under traditional guidelines however you would use a UML diagram for this purp (MORE)

What is data flow diagram and flowchart?

 a data flow diagram shows how the data flows through a  program or system, it does not assume step by step operation and in  fact is an excellent tool to aid in the desig (MORE)

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When drawing a Data Flow Diagram How do you represent deleting data?

A DFD consists of a set of processes and data stores and shows the flow of data through the system. First create a process node on the diagram and label it that the 'process (MORE)