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What is a database?

The database is a collection of data on which we can performoperations such as: 1. Storing data (Save) 2. Manipulating data (Update, Delete, insert, sort) 3. Retrieve data (Wh (MORE)

What is in a database?

A database stores data. So at the simplest, data is in a database.A database is more than that though. It has a structure to storethe data. You need to define fields, which ar (MORE)

Why is there databases?

Databases are able to store large quantities of information in a structured way. And the make it possible to retrieve that information in a structured and predictable way.

What the database can do?

Without being overly technical, a data base is a computer file that contains important information that is organized for fast retrieval of said information.. Example (MORE)

Where can you get a database?

You can get many free database applications, like Open Office Base.You may already have an application to create databases, likeMicrosoft Access. Once you have such an applica (MORE)

What is a database from?

Database is a widely used approach used today . It is used in every field today like banks, schools, hospitals, railways etc. A database basically contains data that is relate (MORE)