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What is a database and why is it beneficial to use databases?

A database is a one-stop computerized location to find specific information. Note, that doesn't mean ALL information, just whatever info THAT database has. The benefit is havi (MORE)

What is is database?

A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. In one view, databases can be classified according to type (MORE)

Who uses databases and why?

Lots of people use databases, teachers, doctors even librarian's. For example, a librarian uses a database to keep information of all the people who borrow books from the libr (MORE)

What is a personal database?

A personal DBMS is designed to be used by a single user, typically on a low- to medium-powered PC platform. Lotus Approach, Microsoft Access and dBase are examples of personal (MORE)

What is a database?

The database is a collection of data on which we can perform operations such as: 1. Storing data (Save) 2. Manipulating data (Update, Delete, insert, sort) 3. Retrieve d (MORE)

What is a cursor in database?

    Cursors are database objects used to traverse the results of an SQL query. They point to a certain location within a recordset and allow the operator to move forwa (MORE)

Characteristic of database?

The characteristics of database include, consist of a collection of  data, consists of tables, tables in database contains different  data, each row of a table has data abou (MORE)

What is database composition in database?

Composition is a term that comes from object oriented design. It is a relationship in which a number of parts comprise a whole, and these parts can only be part of one whole. (MORE)

Why database is vulnerable?

Database is vulnerable because it collects, maintains, and  disseminates information. These data essentially include  exploitability and potential impact. Example of this is (MORE)

Contrast of database and database system?

A database is simply a collection of pieces of information (data). A text file storing names and phone numbers is a database. A database management system (DBMS) is some softw (MORE)