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What is a database?

The database is a collection of data on which we can performoperations such as: 1. Storing data (Save) 2. Manipulating data (Update, Delete, insert, sort) 3. Retrieve data (Wh (MORE)

What is in a database?

A database stores data. So at the simplest, data is in a database.A database is more than that though. It has a structure to storethe data. You need to define fields, which ar (MORE)

What does a database do?

A database is a collection of tables in which large quantities of data (information) can be stored. The question and answer you are looking at right now are both stored in a d (MORE)

Why is there databases?

Databases are able to store large quantities of information in a structured way. And the make it possible to retrieve that information in a structured and predictable way.

What is is database?

A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. In one view, databases can be classified according to type (MORE)

What can you do in database?

A database is a storage for storing information. You can store data or information in it. and when you need it you can retrieve the information from the database.

What can a database do?

A database can perform four core operations, known as CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete). Create is the ability to insert information into the database. Read is the abili (MORE)

Where can you get a database?

You can get many free database applications, like Open Office Base.You may already have an application to create databases, likeMicrosoft Access. Once you have such an applica (MORE)

What is databased?

It is "database" not "databased". And a database is the collection of records that are linked.