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What is a mason tender?

A mason tender is also known as a "hod carrier" or "laborer". He is an assistant to the mason. He does not actually lay brick or block. A mason tender stocks supplies, builds (MORE)

Can a Mormon be a mason?

In 2008 the Grand Master of Masons in Utah was LDS. Currently, Mormons (members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) can become Masons if they choose to do so. (MORE)

Who is Mason Cook?

Mason Cook Elston July 25th 2000 (age 10) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma U.S. Occupation Actor Years Active 2008-present Mason Cook Elston is an American child actor, better known a (MORE)

Is Madonna mason?

  she could very well be mason, theres been a lot of skepticism about her videos carry sublminal masonic gestures i strongly recommend you watch The Arrivals in youtube
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What is brethren in the masonic?

"Brethren" is a plural word for "Brother", akin to "Brothers". It is perhaps a more archaic way to signify a plurality of men who are considered a brother.
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What is a mason and what do they do?

Masons construct buildings from "masonry." There are three kinds--brick masons work in brick, block masons in block and stone masons in stone. Laying brick is very similar to (MORE)
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Do you have to be in a lodge to be a mason?

  if you are only a worker in stone, then no. If you are a member of an ancient and secret fraternity (Freemasons) then yes
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