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What tattoos does Dave Matthews have?

Dave Matthews does not appear to have any tattoos. Many of his fans  have DMB-related tattoos, though.
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Does Dave Matthews do drugs?

Dave Matthews has stated on several occasions that he has used (and enjoyed) marijuana and LSD, but any drug beyond that is speculation.
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Who from the Dave Matthews Band died?

  LeRoi Moore - (the following was taken straight from the Dave Matthews Band web site...   We are deeply saddened that LeRoi Moore, saxophonist and founding member o (MORE)

How many kids does Dave matthews have?

He has three kids of his own, twins Stella Busina and Grace Anne. He also has a son August Oliver. Dave and his sister Jane were responsible for the upbringing for his other s (MORE)

Is Dave Matthews separated from his wife?

  No he is not. Dave and his wife, Ashley Harper Matthews (nauropathic doctor) recently had their third child, Oliver.
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Where is Dave Matthews from?

Dave matthews is origanaly from south Africa but he moved often in his childhood. he finally settled in verginia about twenty years ago
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