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Who was Amy Johnson?

Amy Johnson was an English aviator, or aviatrix, born on 1 July 1903 in Kingston upon Hull, England. She became the first woman to fly from England to Australia. On 5 May 1930 (MORE)

Who died with Davey Allison in the helicopter crash?

  No one died with Davey Allison. Red Farmer was the only person on board with Davey at the time of the crash. Mr Farmer suffered only some broken bones and minor cuts. Mr (MORE)

Is cartoonist Bill Davey of the 1970's still alive?

  No, I just found an obit that said he died in 1996. (I was looking him up because I bought one of his cartoons at a garage sale.)   -
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Who is davey in the Nikki sixx heroin diaries?

---"Davey" - whose real name cannot be disclosed - is one of the biggest rock stars in the world. I can't tell you his name...but I sure loved his music growing up..--- Most (MORE)

Who is Davey Havok?

He is in the band AFI (A Fire Inside). The band was formed in 1991,  some band members went to college but they all wanted to get back  together so they quit school. Some of (MORE)
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Are Johnson and Johnson and SC Johnson related?

I think so! No I don't think so. They are two entirely distinct companies. SC Johnson & Son, formerly known as Johnson Wax, was founded and is still based in Racine, Wisco (MORE)

Does davey havok hate Matt skiba?

It's hard to tell since some of his AFI bandmates and crew are  friends and collaborators with Matt Skiba and Alkaline Trio, but  there must be tension when Matt Skiba has b (MORE)

Who guards Davey Jones' locker?

No one, but you can't get out unless you have a ship, the charts (or knowledge of what the chart says), and a crew, So it is near impossible to get out (save for captain sparr (MORE)