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What was David Copperfield famous for?

Dickens Novel. also a famous Magician and illusion artist- who hid the Statue of Liberty- gimmick- audience was on a slow-moving turntable!
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What is the first line in 'David Copperfield '?

  Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.
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How does David copperfield fly?

The basic answer is that he is on wires. Honestly it's true! The wires he uses are incredibly thin and very strong. The metal ball that the assistants pass around David while (MORE)

Foreshadowing in David Copperfield?

Dickens uses foreshadowing and cultivates an atmosphere of mystery in order to make his story dramatic and capture our interest from the start. The surreal circumstances under (MORE)

How far was David Copperfield autobiographical?

Although all his books contain some element of his own life, David Copperfield is considered the most autobiographical of all Dickens's books. It tells the story of a young ma (MORE)

How many pages is David Copperfield?

Wikipedia says that there are 721 pages in "David Copperfield," but that will always depend on the publisher, format and style of the book as produced by that publisher.
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Criticism of the society in David Copperfield?

There are thousands of people at WikiAnswers willing to help you out. However, just giving you test or homework answers wouldn't be helping you at all. It would actually be ch (MORE)

What is the plot of the book david copperfield?

This novel is the most autobiographical of all Dickens's works. In it, Copperfield describes the obstacles he overcame and the unhappy events he lived through before becoming (MORE)