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Was david bowie in the same room with Bing Crosby?

I thought that they weren't, but after a bit of googling, they actually were. It was recorded for Bing Crosby's merrie olde christmas
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Is bing Crosby david Crosby's father?

  After watching the Sunday morning show today 7/6/08 - I also wanted to know if there was a relationship to Bing..... I Googled it and found there is no relation to Bing (MORE)

What is the story behind cowboy movie by David Crosby?

I can only report what I've read elsewhere (I don't claim to have any "inside info" on this). It is the story of the tensions in and subsequent break-up of Crosby, Stills, Nas (MORE)

Did David Crosby and Cass Elliott have a romantic relationship?

From what I have read, while in his his early 20's, David Crosby developed an interest in folk music and joined a group called Les Baxter's Balladeers. While traveling with th (MORE)

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Who is Troy Crosby?

Troy Crosby is the father of NHL Superstar Sidney Crosby. A former  goaltender at the Major Junior level, Troy Crosby was drafted in  the 12th round by the Montreal Canadian (MORE)