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Do Bettas get the ick?

All fish can catch the ich. The Ich is probably the common fish disease, the ich refers to a ciliated protozoan of the genus Ichthyophthirius. Ich is present all the time in a (MORE)
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Where can you buy an 'ick stractor'?

  Answer     We've been searching for one as well, but all companies that sold it no longer sell it, and the manufacturer appears nowhere to be found. The only e (MORE)

What is Ick?

Answer Ick is...     The scientific name for this nuisance is Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, or "ich/ick" for short. It is the largest known ciliated protozoan found (MORE)

Is ick contagious?

Yes, ick is highly contagious. Fish get it when they are stressed out, depressed, and/or weak. Ick is believed to be in water already.It spreads very quickly from one fish to (MORE)
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Why hasn't david icke been silenced?

  Too many people watching him. If he suddenly went missing then it would get alot of people talking.
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If one fish gets ick will all of the fish get ick?

Yes, all of the fish in the tank could get it. Even if only 1 fish in your tank has it, treat every fish to make sure the parasite gets off. I noticed one day that one of my (MORE)

How do you remove ick from your clown pleco?

I think the treatment is tetracycline hydracloride but ask an aquarium expert at your pet store before buying it. there are plenty of Ick cures out there.
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Can humans get ick?

No. Ich is a contagious external parasite that effects fish. If, by  chance, ich did get on us, Ich is sensitive to heat and it's  aquatic. It would die from either the lack (MORE)

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