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What years did Josiah of the Bible live?

  Josiah was the 16th king of Israel, ruling in Judah. He reigned for 31 years sometime around 639-608 BC. Josiah's story is found in the Bible in 2 Kings 21-24 and in 2 C (MORE)

How did Josiah Wedgwood start his business?

Josiah Wedgwood started his business by working for his father at the age of nine. He worked for his father and grew his experience working at his fathers side. Josiah studied (MORE)

Who was Josiah?

Josiah the son of Amon was king of Judah for thirty-one years (641-609 B.C.) He was a man wholoved God, he had the temple repaired, he found a lost scroll of the Law,he had id (MORE)

Who is the prophet Josiah?

There is no Prophet Josiah. Josiah was a King of Judah. The best sources to read to find out more about him are the following Biblical chapters: 2 Kings 22-23 and 2 Chronic (MORE)