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What does david ortiz eat?

Ham stuffed with beef and tuna sauteed with mushrooms and carrots, with a pound of mash potatoes, aspargus, boat load of gravy, with 2 slices of double fudge cake and freshly (MORE)

How did David Ortiz meet his wife?

They met at a bar While Dave was playing A Ball at the age of 20. he decided to go out after a game one night with some of his teem-mates who brought their wives and girlfrien (MORE)
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Where does David Ortiz Live Today?

David ortiz is one of the most popular players in Baseball and the Major leage Baseball. He resides in the Boston suburb of Weston in Massachusetts.As one of the top players o (MORE)

David ortiz batting averages?

Through the 2008 season, David Ortiz has a career batting average of .288. His best batting average was in 2007 when he hit .332.
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Is David Ortiz a democrat or republican?

David Ortiz is just David Ortiz. He's created his own party called  the Ortizicanocrats. He's ran a few times, but hasn't won yet. Once  he wins (Which he will) It will be t (MORE)