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What was William Dawes role?

He was one of the three men who were sent by Dr. Joseph Warren to alert John Hancock and Samuel Adams that the British troops were coming.
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What was the result of the DAWES ACT?

Native Americans lands were divided into small plots of land and distributed to individual families
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Which selection expresses the main idea of the Dawes Act?

This is one of the first cons brought upon the true "African"  natives.      The Dawest Act of 1887 gave the US President the right to divide up  American Indian (MORE)

Why did Congress pass the Dawes Act?

congress passed the dawes act to force native Americans to be farmers. It forced the Native American on to the reservations and give up their freedom in their own country.
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What was a main feature of the Dawes Severalty Act of 1887?

section of tribal reservations were given to the NTVAMERS as a private hoesteads  This evil doer is one of the reasons why "African-Americans" lost  their land and history. (MORE)

The Dawes Act was designed to?

The Dawes Act was adopted in 1887. It was designed to allow for  government surveying of Indian land. The land was then divided up  into parcels for individual Indians. Thos (MORE)

The Dawes Severalty Act was designed to promote Indian?

The primary purpose of the Dawes Severalty Act was to promote  Indian assimilation. The act was created by a Senator from  Massachusetts named Henry Laurens Dawes.
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