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What are the seven days of creation?

Day 1: God created the Heavens, Earth, Light, and Darkness Day 2: Land and Water Day 3: All Plant Life Day 4: Sun, Moon, and Stars Day 5: Fish and Birds Day 6: Anima (MORE)

What happened on the 1st day of creation?

In the first day, God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1, 2 Peter 3, and several other passages in Scripture strongly suggest that the universe was created out of wa (MORE)

What happened on the third day of creation?

In Genesis, it proclaims that on the third day God had created dry ground which allowed plants to grow. The further cooling of the surface set in motion a process of natural c (MORE)

What was made on the first day of creation?

The Bible says in the begining God created the Heavens and the  earth.    ==1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.   2 And the earth was without (MORE)

What happened on the 2nd day of creation?

On the second day of creation, God created the raqia, or firmament, to separate the waters above from the waters below. According to the "white hole cosmology" developed by Dr (MORE)

The six days of God's Creation?

  The days of Creation have always been a matter of debate. Not all believed in a literal 6 24 hour days like the Post Roman Catholic fundamentalists. In fact most did not (MORE)

The 6 day creation story?

  The story has different interpretations depending on which bible is being used as well as who is doing the interpreting. The first five days of creation are much the sam (MORE)

What happened on the 6th day of creation?

On the sixth day, God created all land-dwelling creatures. He also created Man ("Adam" is a derivation of the Hebrew word for man) from the dust of the ground. He brought all (MORE)

In the 6 days of creation why was man the last creation?

It's difficult to answer this, but i guess it's because all the  previous things were created in order to enable the creation of  man. For example the light (i guess it's me (MORE)