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What do they do to a dead body?

When a person has been pronounced dead, what will be done next will depend upon where he died, when he died, why he died, and the wishes of the family. If the death occurs in (MORE)

Who picks up dead bodies?

The cause of death will determine who will pick up the body. If the  person died of suspicious circumstances then the coroner will be  called to conduct an investigation and (MORE)
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Can you x-ray a dead body?

Yes. There is no essential difference between living bodies and cadavers/corpses as far as X raying.

What did they do with dead bodies in the trenches of World War 1?

To my knowledge they usually just left them for the rats. I suppose if there was a period of cease-fire, and they could get to the support trenches they may have been able to (MORE)

Why did newtons dead body have Mercury in it?

Newton was interested in alchemy and it is thought likely he absorbed the mercury during these experiments. It is possible mercury poisoning contributed to his eccentricity in (MORE)

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