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What is a deadbeat dad?

Deadbeat Dad is slang for a father who neglects to pay court ordered child support. Although it is derrogatory it is also an accurate description. Non-payment of child support (MORE)

How do you find a deadbeat dad?

If you're looking for money, leave them alone. They don't have money for you. Let it go. If you're looking for a long lost dad, then google it like everyone else does.. or hir (MORE)

How do we find out the names of deadbeats in our HOA?

As an owner, you may have access to association records, including owner financial ledgers. Your accusation that there are 'deadbeats' in your association may imply that you (MORE)

What does deadbeat mean?

A "deadbeat" is a person who does not pay his debts, often extended to mean a loafer, vagrant, or non-productive individual. The term is extended by analogy to a father ("dea (MORE)

What is Florida's Deadbeat Dad Law?

61.1301 Income deduction orders. -- . 2. Service upon an obligor's payor or successor payor under this section shall be made by prepaid certified mail, return receipt request (MORE)
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What is deadbeat galvanometer?

When current is passed throgh a galvanometer, the coil oscillates about its mean position before it comes to rest. . To bring the coil to rest immediately, the coil i (MORE)
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What type of music does Deadbeat play?

The type of music Deadbeat plays is a combination of dub, techno, and experimental. Deadbeat's musical influece and sound has been compared artists like Tesla, Danger in the D (MORE)