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What is advice?

The meaning of the noun "advice" is recommendations, suggestions or counsel, consisting of opinions or comments about a certain question or topic.   Advice is helpful tips (MORE)
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Is codeine deadly?

Too much of ANYTHING can kill you.   Too much water can cause Water Intoxication and has killed people.  Chemicals like Codeine are members of the Opiate family of drugs. (MORE)
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Is thalassemia deadly?

With proper care and treatment, Thalassemia is far from deadly. For moderate to severe forms of the disorder, it is crucial that one have regular blood transfusions to maintai (MORE)
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Is moonshade deadly?

You said, "moonshade," right? There are a couple of problems here. I thought you might be referring to a plant, but there is no such plant ("Moonshadow" is closest, but it's n (MORE)

Is epilepsy deadly?

From what i know, Epilepsy is not deadly. Still it can change the way of life by limiting the victim to a sedentary life. If you have it you should seek medical attention.
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Is rhinovirus deadly?

Rhinovirus is the scientific name for the group of around 200 virus' that cause the common cold. Obviously, most of us have no problem recovering from a cold. However, some pe (MORE)

Why is a unicorn deadly?

A unicorn is deadly because it is a big animal with hooves, teeth and a horn all of which could inflict a mortal wound if it was so inclined to do so. Now (according to Lewi (MORE)

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